The Rev. Oludayo Kufeji

Around 2017 in a private chat, I shared with Very Rev. Dr. ChinonyeremEkebuisi my dream of obtaining a Doctorate Degree in Ministry and my plans to enroll for the course online soonest. He mentioned that if I could wait that there is the possibility that WesleyUni will commence D. Min Programme. “He mentioned that work is already ongoing” which he hinted that the initial process of seeking approval has started. This process took almost two years, but we kept at it that it would commence one day. When he finally mentioned it towards the end of 2018 that the course will start in March 2019, I was very elated but not sure of what to expect.

… I enjoyed every minute of my stay in Ondo. I had thought being in class with Archbishops, Bishops and very senior presbyters was going to be intimidating but they all acted like students that we were and I salute their humility. I look forward to our next session and pray that by His grace all of us as first set of this program will finish together and make Methodist Church Nigeria very proud for others to want to follow the footsteps.

God bless us.